The human skulls that I paint call upon fragments of the past. A history of life and death, humour and tragedy, truth and lies. My paintings are of the living dead and of the dead living, as though the soul continues to exist as a shadow that takes root elsewhere. This life and death duo continues to fascinate me, as if from a magical and ancient past they create hidden storms that rend and possess the uncons sness.

I construct classical portraits and figural compositions that openly reference a Stygian, sardonic lineage from Bosch to Ensor. Unearthing the ancient tradition of Memento Mori (translation, Remember your mortality) and Dutch 16th century Vanitas art, my puppets perform on an intense stage where there is no confession, but grim warnings.

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Recent Exhibition

Gothic to the Sublime

Jun 16, 2022 - Jul 18, 2022

In Death as in Life

Nov 02, 2021 - Nov 03, 2021

The Brides

Nov 01, 2021 - Nov 02, 2021

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