Born: Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1958
Lives and works in Melbourne


1977-79    Diploma of Art & Design, Prahran CAE, Melbourne

1985-86    Post-Graduate Diploma (Painting), VCA, Melbourne


2023    Compendium Gallery, Melbourne (opening July 28)

2023    Stephen Maclaughlan Gallery (openingJune 16)

2023    Frank Schlag Galerie

2020     The Brides of Christ, Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen

2019     Portraits, Chapman Bailey Gallery

2018     Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie, Paris  March 10 – 31

2016     Frank Schlag Galerie, Essen

2016     Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie, Rue Pastourelle Paris

2015    The Old Melbourne Jail: Seven Deadly Sins, White Night Festival

2014    Forgotten, Scot’s Church Melbourne, White Night Festival

2013    The Hit List , Frank Schlag, Essen,Germany

2013    Evil Sect, Strange Neighbour Gallery, Melbourne

2012    “Entanglement”, Suzanne Tarazieve Galerie, Paris

2012    “The Hit List”, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2011    “Flesh Made Word”, Frank Schlag Galerie, Essen, Germany

2010    “Hell Bent”, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2009    “Terry Taylor”, Gallery Frank Schlag, Essen, Germany

2008    “Memento Mori”, Scott Livesey Galleries

2008    “Memento Mori”, Scott Livesey Galleries at the Melbourne Affordable Artfair

2006    “Aquarius Horoscope” Ochre Gallery Melbourne.

2006    “Without Voice” O.P.T. Gallery, Hong Kong.

2004    “Falling” Span Galleries,Melbourne

2002    “Recent Work”. Smyrnios Gallery Australia, Melbourne

2002    “Oil and Water”, Mira Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2000    “Recent Drawings”, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne

1999    “Forty Pink Paintings as a Parting Present”, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne

1997    “The Table is Set”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1996    “Black, White & Grey”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1994    “Abdominal Breath” Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1991    City Gallery, Melbourne

1989    City Gallery, Melbourne

1988    City Gallery, Melbourne

1985    70 Arden Street, Melbourne


2023      Royal Exhibition Buildings Melbourne, Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival

2022       Ballarat Gallery ‘Beating around the Bush’ November 5 – February 19 2023

2022       Kunstveren Friedberg “Death, Disease, Democracy”Germany (forthcoming Dec)

2022       Sublime to the Gothic, Cascade Gallery Maldon, Victoria (June 18 – July 16)

2022       Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie Paris Oui, La Peinture

2022       Kunstverein Friedberg (forthcoming)

2021      Notfair Art Fair Melbourne

2021      Mono Tasmania, House of Mirrors, Angel of the House, permanent installation

2019      Luminato, International Festival of Arts, Toronto, Canada, June 7 – 23

2019      A Feeling Called Love, Kunstmuseum Bochum

2019      HER stories, Chapman Bailey Gallery, Melbourne

2018      Olbricht Foundation, Wunder Kammer Olbrict

2018      Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Redan Weiss Collection

2018      Espace 37m Brussels, Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie

2018      Auckland NZ  ( March) House of Mirrors

2018      Singapore National Gallery, House of Mirrors

2017      Romancing the Skull, Ballarat Regional Gallery

2017      Melbourne Festival, House of Mirrors

2017     Accorochage, Frank Schlag Galerie, Essen

2017     Bendigo Festival, House of Mirrors

2017     Adelaide Festival, House of Mirrors

2017     Sydney Festival, House of Mirrors

2016     Powerhouse Brisbane, House of Mirrors

2016     Dark Mofo, Tasmania, House of Mirrors

2016     H18 Brussels, Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie

2014     The Lyon’s Choice: Geelong Regional Gallery

2014     Luce Irigaray Circle Conference Melbourne, George Paton Gallery

2014    The Bust in the Art of C21st, Galerie Frank Schlag, Germany

2013    Dark Night, Strange Neighbour Gallery

2013    Terry Taylor & M.  Shanthamani Suzanne Tarasieve Paris

2013    Big & Small Paintings, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2012    Group Exhibition, Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris

2011    La Maison Rouge, Future of Memories,Thomas Olbricht Collection, Paris

2011    Group Exhibition, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2010    The Salon, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2010    Group Exhibition, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2010    Wunder auf Papier, Oberstdorf, Germany

2010    Life and Death Dance, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria

2008    Group show, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

2005    Small Paintings. Ochre Gallery Melbourne

2005    Works on Paper. Ochre Gallery Melbourne

2005    Toxic Waste, Gallery 25, Mildura, Victoria

2005    Works on Paper 1, Gallery 25, Mildura, Victoria

2005    Postcard Show 2005, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne

2004    Summer Exhibition, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2003    Art & Peace Kultur Etxea, Guernica Spain

2003    Smyrnios Gallery Australia, Melbourne

2002    “In3Door/Out3Door”, Mira Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2002    “Gallery Artists”, Mira Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2001    Anti-Cancer Council, ‘Facing the Challenge’, Telstra, Melbourne.

2001    “Works on Paper”, Mira Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2000    Anti-Cancer Council,  ‘Removing the Mask’, St. Paul’s Cathedral,Melbourne

1999    James Farrell’Self Portrait Award 1999′, Castlemaine Art Gallery,Vic

1998    ‘Selected Works by Invited Artists’, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne

1998    “Gallery Artists”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne,

1998    ‘9 x 5 by 25’, George Adams Gallery, Melbourne (25 years of VCA)

1997    “Gallery Artists”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1997    “Preview 1997”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1996    “Gallery Artists”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1996    ACAF.5  Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Bldg, Melb.

1995    “Gallery Artists”, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1995    “The Situation Now: A Survey of Local Non-Objective Art”, University Art Museum, La Trobe University, Bundoora ( Curator: Christopher Heathcote

1995    “Save Albert Park 9 x 5 Invitation Exhibition”, Robert Lindsay Gallery, Melb

1994    “Recent Works on Paper”, Four Person Exhibition with Godwin Bradbeer, Neil Chenery and Stephen Spurrier, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

1994    ACAF.4  Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Bldg, Melb.

1994    “Drawing from Inspiration”, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

1992    “Works on Paper”, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

1990    19th & 20th Century Portraiture, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

1990    ACAF.2 Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Bldg Melb

1988    Savage Club Drawing Prize, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

1988    “Directors’ Choice”, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

1988    ACAF.1, First Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Bldg Melb

1988    “A New Generation 1983-88, The Phillip Morris Arts Grant Purchases”, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

1988    Group Exhibition, United Artists Gallery, Melbourne

1988    Artbank, ‘Big Paintings’’Big Paintings’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

1987    Post Graduate Show, VCA Gallery, Melbourne

1987    Post Graduate Show, Melbourne University Gallery, Melbourne

1987    Group Drawing Show, 70 Arden Street, Melbourne

1987    St Kilda Festival

1986    Artists for Peace, Waverley City Gallery, Melbourne

1985    Spring Festival of Drawing, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre

1985    Diamond Valley Art Award

1980    Two-person show, Prahran Gallery, Melbourne

1979    Prahran CAE Graduate Show, Hawthorn City Art Gallery, Melbourne


Prahran CAE, Melbourne

National Gallery of Australia (Phillip Morris Collection), Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

St Kilda City Council, Melbourne

Artbank, Melbourne

Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

Thomas Olbricht Collection Berlin

Private Collections, Australia

Private Collections, Europe

Private Collections, USA


1985    Eric Westbrook Drawing Prize

1986    St Kilda Arts Festival Drawing Prize

1986    National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Prize


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2019    Kunstveren Friedberg “Death, Disease, Democracy”Germany

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