Edward Colless – Art Collector June 2023

Not so much “underrated” as misunderstood, at least by Australian collectors, inexplicably Terry Taylor – with some 40 years of unstoppable production – has not been represented by an Australia gallery for a decade. That changes mid-year with a show at Melbourne’s Compendium gallery, which will house perhaps 100 new paintings. Being included in Berlin’s

Edward Colless – Catalogue Essay for The Black Mirror

There was a time—we could identify it with the recent style of “millennial gothic”—when human skulls, like animal antlers, were the hippest designer artifacts. From haute couture jewelry to a black metal logo, this retro craze for the signature emblem of the medieval vanitas or danse macabre, ironically inverted in an exhilarating commodity form, was

Art + Australia Issue One [p118] : Terror touches us all

The painting Terror touches us all (2016) exhibited in Frank Schlag Galerie, Essen, was recently chosen as a full page photograph, signalling the upcoming Art + Australia Issue Two, titled The Plague (late September 2017).

2017 House of Mirrors

2017 House of Mirror with my 90 yr Mum who was the model for the Angel the mode

2017 Art + Australia Issue Two

2017 Art + Australia Issue Two Page 35

House Of Mirrors Promotional Video

House Of Mirrors, exhibited with Mona’s Dark Mofo festival in Hobart June 2016 Video courtesy of Creative Production Services

Between Two Deaths

Terry Taylor has been exploring for about thirty years the complex and sometimes strange affiliations that convene in all human life: pleasure and death. Using representations of skulls and human skeletons as fetish objects or objects of fantastical projection, her paintings dig deep within the black of her canvases, seeking the mystery of the speaking

Seven Deadly Sins (2016) | Between Two Deaths | Frédéric-Charles Baitinger